Foundation Workshop

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How is the Foundation Workshop different then any other workshop?

What makes our Foundation Workshop different then the other workshops? Our 2 Day workshop is designed not only to teach you all the concepts to run a successful dental practice, but it also teaches you to turn this growth into tremendous wealth and impact. Any company can show you how to generate new patients and increase revenue but from experience that doesn’t always give the doctor the excess time and money they deserve. The Foundation Workshop will show you how to invest the new revenue into your practice in order to give you the life you have always wanted. The processes learned will increase your revenue but also guide you on how to reinvest this revenue to reach your goals and relieve the pressure off of your shoulders. 

Results to expect from workshop:

1). A strategic guide that shows you how to put systems in place to run the office without you there.

2). An increase in new patient numbers.

3). Rejuvenation in the workplace (Finally get back to the place you were when you became a dentist.)

4). No wasted time and energy on things that are unimportant or meaningful to you and your practice.

5). No more talks about “retirement” more talks about long-lasting wealth.

6). Team and leadership concepts that will have immediate impact on your business!

Listen to what doctors are saying about the Foundation Workshop

Need more proof?

Here are some written Testimonials

"Great crash course on finance, My

CFO father has attempted for years to

explain these concepts to me without

luck at me understanding. In two days,

I’ve learned more about business and

obtaining wealth than I have from my

father, accountant, fnancial planner or

boyfriend (who has 2 successful start-

ups). I thought I just did not understand

business, turns out I just didn’t have the right teacher."

Dr. Stephanie Sweeney

“Thank you for coming into my life! The past few days have been eye- opening in every aspect of my life (business and personal). I have already learned more about what steps I need to take for future success than I have

my entire life. I can’t wait to continue growing with your team by my side."

Dr. Binita Changkakoty 

Our practice is growing steadily but I was feeling fatigued after a major office construction project. Eric and his team were like a shot of adrenaline to re-energize my passion. Eric is the core for your dental business apathy. Me summing up Eric Morin: Dream Big or Go Home!”

Dr. Chet Swartzentruber 

"Phenomenal program. I wish that I could have taken this course years ago as it really creates a paradigm shift it how I view my practice, patient, team and the process of trying to create a better life for all of us.”  

Dr. Jamie Maholick

“This was a great workshop, very energetic, personal & informative. I feel like I can take just the introductory ideas back to my practice and start change right away. The workshop helped me realize the things I want to do in my practice are achievable and that there are other people out there with the same mind set. We can be successful! I enjoyed all of your guys personality and help. Thank you for helping me believe.” 

Dr. Hope Still

"Great workshop on learning to become

the "CEO" of my dental practice. It's the

business 101 class that should be taught

to all dental students. I can’t wait to see

the impact it will have on my TEAM,


Dr. Joseph Narde

 "I was tired of all the same advice I was getting from CPA’s and financial planners. I knew there had to be something/someone better out there who thought differently. I’m glad I found Eric because he thinks outside the box and he has the big picture mentality

coupled with big dreams/ passions.” 

Dr. Jay Kansal 

"What a phenomenal 2 day event. The information presented was shown with great enthusiasm and passion. I only wish I had known about the team and Tower Leadership when I bought my first practice.” 

Dr. Todd Brown

Oh Yeah..... There is also a guarantee

*You will EARN your MONEY BACK from the Foundation Workshop and have processes to improve your NEW PATIENTS and allow you to become the CEO of your practice no matter what state you and your practice or Eric will return your Foundation Tuition guaranteed.*

Eric J. Morin

CEO and Managing Partner

About Eric

Eric Morin is a business consultant and financial professional who has been in the dental consulting industry for over a decade. He holds both a bachelors and masters degree in business management. He started in the dental industry, building his own dental practice to be a thriving, multi-doctor practice from the ground up. He has spent the majority of his career working with hundreds of doctors to increase their practice growth significantly and has had many clients double their revenues even within the first year of working with him. Eric has given the keynote at meetings across the nation that were designed to educate dentists on how to be successful in business and finance, and specializes in showing doctors how to reinvest in their practices while reducing debt and tax liabilities. His work with clients has led to significant increases in their net worth’s, incomes and margin of time and money. Using his knowledge in business and financial management he has designed a course that will take dentists through the steps they need to become a strong business owner and create the life and practice they deserve. 

Foundation Price $1997

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*Previous events have all sold out*